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Waterside Luxury at Marina Bay: New Management, New Prices

Take a second to dream of summertime…

You’ll be wearing just one layer of clothes. All the snow will have melted away (hopefully). And you’ll be strolling on down to the Marina Bay boardwalk from your new, luxury apartment.

Well, that last part’s only true if you take advantage of this week’s Deal: New management just took over at this luxury community in Quincy’s Marina Bay and is in the process of spiffing up all its available units. And to start off with a bang, the leasing team is offering a premium one-bed for $1,575, a full $135/month less than the starting price listed on its website.

The Apartment

Let’s be honest, people rent here for the location. You can find luxury anywhere, but it doesn’t always come with panoramic water views. And it’s not always a five-minute walk from one of the most popular summer hangout spots in the area. This apartment does. And is.

But it certainly doesn’t lack in the luxury department. The washer/dryer is in-unit. The kitchen is fully applianced and has been updated with granite countertops. There’s central air, a walk-in closet, and a marble bathroom. And, yes, a private balcony with those incredible views you care so much about.

All ocean-facing apartments here were designed to maximize exposure to the waterfront, so the windows are large and plentiful. The living room in this unit has a corner bay that makes for one heck of a seascaped sitting area.

The Price


The Up-Front Costs

Just first month’s rent, a $500 security deposit, and a $50 application fee per person.

Pets are cool, but they gotta pay: there’s an additional $250 security deposit for a pet and a $75/month extra rent for a dog. So you’ll end up deciding one of three things: A) “I love my dog, I won’t think twice about the money;” B) “I love my dog, but he/she’s gonna have to get a job;” or C) “I love my dog, but I’ll love my dog even more if I can stash him/her at my parents’ house for free.”*

*Disclaimer: We at Patriot love dogs, so we’re in Category A. And we don’t ever recommend that your dog be “stashed.”

The Location

Marina Bay, which sits directly across Dorchester Bay from Boston, has gained notoriety in recent years for attracting some high-profile locals. The views – as we’ve mentioned several times already – are stunning, which makes the nightlife on the boardwalk all the more popular. You can have a drink at Captain Fishbones‘ outdoor bar, sit down for an Italian meal at the acclaimed Siros Restaurant, then dance your face off at the Waterclub.

This apartment’s community has its own fitness center, business center, and rentable clubroom. There’s plenty of free parking in the lot and you can reserve your own garage spot for $80/month. There’s also a free shuttle to the North Quincy T station.

The Next Step

Call Patriot today (617 436-6000) to schedule a private tour or to learn more about this property.

Or, for more great deals, you can always check us out online at patriotregroup.com. Or “chirp” us. Or “Book” us.

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Twenty years ago, the Boston Redevelopment Authority knew that the city’s size and economy would be expanding rapidly by the turn of the century. In order to make room for new residents and businesses, the BRA and the City of Boston sought out a few high-potential locations that could be revamped into vibrant and desirable neighborhoods. First on their to-do list: Port Norfolk, Dorchester’s charming east peninsula.

Port Norfolk waterfrontSince then, “the Port” has become one of Boston’s most surprising real-estate gems. Commuters have fallen in love with its near-instant access to 93 and close proximity to the city. Separated from the noise and traffic of Neponset Circle and nestled next to Dorchester Bay, Port Norfolk offers tranquility that few (if any) other neighborhoods in the area can match. And as more waterfront attractions pop up, its residents can stroll along the bay and treat themselves to a downtown-quality meal and a unique view of both the city and the ocean.

The Port’s attractions

A new section of the Boston HarborWalk was built in Port Norfolk in 2006, right next to the award-winning Venezia Restaurant. Just last year, the one-of-a-kind Boston Winery went up. Tenean Beach was recently renovated by the state’s Back to the Beaches program and features freshly combed sand, a new playground, and both basketball and tennis courts.

A few steps away from Port Norfolk lies Pope John Paul II Park, a 65-acre piece of land that stretches along the Neponset River. A nearby Planet Fitness facility, which moved in a few years ago, prides itself on its friendly atmosphere and offers incredibly affordable membership fares.

Port Norfolk’s future

Still on the horizon is a project that – if approved – would create a 14-acre, neighborhood waterfront park.  The multi-million-dollar restoration would include a pine grove, a lookout, and a small boat dock.

As new attractions continue to move in, so do residential developers.  An increasing number of hopeful residents has stirred property owners to provide houses and apartments that match the area’s beauty and desirability.  If an interested renter knows where to look, he or she can take advantage of one of Boston’s lesser-known, real estate treasures.

Apartments in Port Norfolk
Patriot Real Estate Group

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