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More from Southie: Stunning Two-Floor Three-Bed with a Common Roof Deck and a Private Backyard ($3,200/month)

We’re getting down to the nitty-gritty, as far as 9/1 rentals in Southie go. Just two weeks left and if you’re still without a place,  you might be in panic mode.

Don’t worry, there are still options. And in this case, there’s still a great option. An unbelievable option, even. It’s not a steal exactly – $3,200/month isn’t chump change.

But it’s an incredible opportunity to get into one of the most impressive rentals on the east side.

The Apartment

Forget the extra features for a second. Actually, nevermind, let’s address those first.

Everyone seems to have one friend whose unofficial nickname is “My friend who has a sweet roof deck…”. Well, now you can be that friend! One of this unit’s coolest features is also one of the rarest in South Boston – a huge roof deck with 360-degree views. It’s common to the building, but you only share it with one other neighbor.

If that weren’t enough, this level also has private access to a backyard. It’s perfect for grilling, lounging, or administering important doggie business.

Even the apartment itself is a head-turner. It was built to be a high-end condo four years ago, meaning no expense was spared:

There are two floors of living space (totaling 1,600 square feet), three bedrooms, and two full baths; stainless-steel appliances and granite counters in the kitchen, an exposed brick wall that extends into the dining area, and in-unit laundry in the lower level; not to mention, more fun stuff: a gas fireplace, a back deck, a steam shower, and a wet bar.

The Price


The Up-Front Costs

First, last, half-month’s security, and a full-month’s broker fee. Ain’t no kidding around for a place like this.

The Location

The perks of living in South Boston are well-documented (even by us!). It’s a built-up city neighborhood where those who work downtown can avoid the downtown cost of living. It’s T-accessible on the west side and bus-accessible on the east side. And, despite its reputation as a parking nightmare, it’s actually more car-friendly than most Boston neighborhoods.

The perks of living on the east side of Southie have been even better-documented (also by us!). Take, for example, this apartment, which is on E Fifth and N.

It’s a half-block from a bus stop for the 7 (Financial District), the 9 (Copley), and the 10 (BU Medical Center, South Bay Shopping Center). It’s less than a 10-minute walk to the heart of East Broadway – Stop & Shop, Rite Aid, Boston Beer Garden, banks, cafes, etc. Plus – and here’s what really makes Southie’s east side stand out – it’s only three blocks from what The Boston Globe called “quite possibly the hottest beach for young people north of the Cape Cod Canal.”

Walkscore: 74 out of 100 – “Very Walkable”

The Next Step

Call Patriot (617 436-6000) to schedule a showing or for additional info. For more great deals, check us out at patriotregroup.com.

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