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Waterside Luxury at Marina Bay: New Management, New Prices

Take a second to dream of summertime…

You’ll be wearing just one layer of clothes. All the snow will have melted away (hopefully). And you’ll be strolling on down to the Marina Bay boardwalk from your new, luxury apartment.

Well, that last part’s only true if you take advantage of this week’s Deal: New management just took over at this luxury community in Quincy’s Marina Bay and is in the process of spiffing up all its available units. And to start off with a bang, the leasing team is offering a premium one-bed for $1,575, a full $135/month less than the starting price listed on its website.

The Apartment

Let’s be honest, people rent here for the location. You can find luxury anywhere, but it doesn’t always come with panoramic water views. And it’s not always a five-minute walk from one of the most popular summer hangout spots in the area. This apartment does. And is.

But it certainly doesn’t lack in the luxury department. The washer/dryer is in-unit. The kitchen is fully applianced and has been updated with granite countertops. There’s central air, a walk-in closet, and a marble bathroom. And, yes, a private balcony with those incredible views you care so much about.

All ocean-facing apartments here were designed to maximize exposure to the waterfront, so the windows are large and plentiful. The living room in this unit has a corner bay that makes for one heck of a seascaped sitting area.

The Price


The Up-Front Costs

Just first month’s rent, a $500 security deposit, and a $50 application fee per person.

Pets are cool, but they gotta pay: there’s an additional $250 security deposit for a pet and a $75/month extra rent for a dog. So you’ll end up deciding one of three things: A) “I love my dog, I won’t think twice about the money;” B) “I love my dog, but he/she’s gonna have to get a job;” or C) “I love my dog, but I’ll love my dog even more if I can stash him/her at my parents’ house for free.”*

*Disclaimer: We at Patriot love dogs, so we’re in Category A. And we don’t ever recommend that your dog be “stashed.”

The Location

Marina Bay, which sits directly across Dorchester Bay from Boston, has gained notoriety in recent years for attracting some high-profile locals. The views – as we’ve mentioned several times already – are stunning, which makes the nightlife on the boardwalk all the more popular. You can have a drink at Captain Fishbones‘ outdoor bar, sit down for an Italian meal at the acclaimed Siros Restaurant, then dance your face off at the Waterclub.

This apartment’s community has its own fitness center, business center, and rentable clubroom. There’s plenty of free parking in the lot and you can reserve your own garage spot for $80/month. There’s also a free shuttle to the North Quincy T station.

The Next Step

Call Patriot today (617 436-6000) to schedule a private tour or to learn more about this property.

Or, for more great deals, you can always check us out online at patriotregroup.com. Or “chirp” us. Or “Book” us.


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Frigid Move-In Specials on a Huge, Corner Two-Bed with Free Garage Parking

Most people prefer not to move when it feels like Antarctica outside. Most people are wimps.

This week, we’re rewarding the brave ones. If you can stand the cold…if you laugh at all the unsavvy Warm Movers who are staying put…if you happen to be in the market for a luxury two-bed and can move in before February 1st, you’ll get a cool grand off your first month’s rent.

Or, if you just want to put a deposit down and move in later, you’ll get a cool half-grand off. (There’s a $500 penalty for being a wimp.)

The Apartment

The aforementioned move-in specials apply to all two-beds in this community. But the lowest price right now is actually on the community’s biggest (and best) two-bed floorplan.

Before we get to the interior, we need to mention the parking. This apartment, because it’s located in a building right next to the community’s parking garage, comes with a free, covered spot. If you can’t appreciate that at a time when we’re getting pummeled left and right by snowstorms, you probably need to get better at appreciating things.

The apartment itself is huge and it’s a corner unit. That means you get tons of space (1,220 square feet) and extra privacy. There are two closets – one for coats, one for the washer/dryer – in the wrap-around foyer, which is unique to this floorplan. One of the bedrooms is considered the master because it has an attached bathroom and a walk-in closet. The other bedroom, though, is slightly bigger and right next to the second bathroom. Both rooms are at either side of the apartment, so it’s perfect for roommates.

The fully applianced kitchen is U-shaped and overlooks the living room. Here’s where you get the most space – there’s a bay window bump-out and a designated dining area, which is another unique feature of this layout.

The Price

$1,752/month. The amenities fee is included, but the utilities are not.

The Up-Front Costs

Just a $750 security deposit and a $50 key fee. No broker or application fees.

As the special goes, if you can move in before February 1st, you’ll get $1,000 off your first full month. Or, if you put a deposit down within 48 hours of your tour, you’ll get $500 off.

The Community

This property takes pride in being one of the most pet-friendly communities in the area. There’s a dog park, plenty of grounds for walking, and several well-placed, plastic-bag kiosks for handling doggy business. If you don’t have a pet, though, and don’t want to be neighbors with one, they have a humans-only building as well.

The amenities are many: the clubhouse has a business center (internet, printer, fax), a function room (with flat screen), a billiards room (with flat screen), a bright and spacious fitness center, and a rentable conference room. Outside, there’s a tennis court and a pool, which is understandably closed until we can start to feel our extremities again.

Quincy Center is only a mile away – that’s a three-minute drive, a five-dollar cab ride, or a quick trip on the community’s free T shuttle, which runs during commuter hours and picks up right in front of the clubhouse.

The Next Step

Call Patriot (617 436-6000) to schedule a private tour. You can always find more great deals at patriotregroup.com.

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Top-Floor, Luxury Two-Bed in Quincy: $1,522/month

On Friday, this headline would’ve been different. We would’ve been telling you about the same floorplan (on a lower floor) available for just $1,467. Or, when that got rented, the same floorplan (on the fourth floor) going for $1,489. But, alas, good deals go fast.

Last week, this Quincy luxury community near the South Shore Plaza started adding a month free to its already reduced rents. That meant that prices for its two-bed, one-bath apartments hit a record low. So low, that one got rented within a day. Then another went a day later. Now, there’s just one left. It’s the most expensive of the three, but it’s also unequivocally the best.

The Apartment

It’s 1,030 square-feet in all, which is above average for comparable two-beds in the area. And the spacious feeling is amplified by this unit’s vaulted ceilings, which are only available on the top floor. Nearly half the overall square-footage greets you when you enter, where a huge, open space – shaped like an L forms the living and dining rooms. At the L’s elbow (that’s a mouthful) is the kitchen, which is fully applianced, loaded with cabinet and counter space, and has an ideal breakfast-bar transition into the living room.

Setup as sort of a “master with a guest room” concept, the bedrooms are two different sizes. The master is about 1.5-times bigger than the guest room and has a massive, walk-in closet (like fit-a-twin-size-bed-in-there massive). Down the hall, a full-size, side-by-side washer/dryer is tucked into its own two-door closet. Next to that is the bathroom, which is oversized and has a garden-style tub.

The balcony is the finishing touch, thanks to its considerable privacy. It’s on the back side of the building and faces just trees and a carved-out rock face, so no one can see you when you’re out there. Plus, its sliding glass doors take in lots of sun, providing the living room with incredible, natural brightness.

The Price

$1,522/month. Water/sewer is included, but the tenant is responsible for gas and electric.

The Up-Front Costs

First month’s rent (prorated if you move in mid-month), a $1,000 security deposit, and a $50 application fee per person. No broker fee.

The Building

The pool is unassumingly located on the first floor (one above ground level), so you’ll be surprised when you see how resort-spa-like it is. We realize it’s stupidly cold outside right now, but we swear you’ll love it in the summertime. Inside (thank goodness), there’s a well-stocked, 24-hour fitness center and a club room with a pool table and a kitchen.

Parking is free and readily available outside and just $60/month in the garage under the building. Driving commuters love the location: it’s not even a half-mile from the Braintree split and, if you’re Boston-bound, just one minute from a ramp to 93 North. Public transportation is doable – an MBTA bus stops right in front of the property and goes to both the Quincy Adams and Quincy Center T stations.

Shopaholics, listen up (or beware, depending on the severity if your problem): the South Shore Plaza is right down the street, less than a mile away.

The Next Step

Call Patriot (617 436-6000) for more information or to schedule a private tour. As always, you can visit patriotregroup.com for more great deals.

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Two-Bed in South Boston, Walking Distance to the Broadway T station: $1,250/month

This one’s so obvious, it might not need any more publicity. All it took were a few Craigslist ads to create a stir, but we figured we’d let our loyal blog-readers in on the Deal as well.

Any time a South Boston listing goes up, it gets a response. Southie has become one of the city’s most popular residential neighborhoods and in the winter, apartment availability here is few and far between. So when an affordable two-bed comes on the market, it gets snatched up in no time.

The Apartment

This space favors the bedrooms more than anything else. Both could easily fit a king-sized bed plus a TV setup. The living room is skinny and the kitchen isn’t huge, but they flow into each other well and create a nice combo area.

One of the most coveted aspects of Southie living is outdoor space, and this apartment doesn’t disappoint. Off the kitchen is a full-size, refinished deck that’s perfect for grilling and has views of Boston’s Financial District.

The large bedrooms make roommate living easy (that’s how the current tenants are using it), but it might work best for a couple. If you only need one bedroom, one is slightly bigger than the other thanks to a bay window. Then, the second bedroom would be ideal for a guest room that doubles as a den or living area.

The apartment was recently renovated – the owner updated the kitchen appliances, re-did the hardwood floors, and installed new lighting. There’s no laundry in the building, but there is a storage unit in the basement that’s included in the rent.

The Price


The Up-Front Costs

First month’s rent, a full-month’s security deposit, and just a $400 broker fee. Application fee: $50/person.

The total up-front costs for two people would be $3,000, or $1,500 a person.

The Location

This one’s located on South Boston’s west side, 0.7 miles from the Broadway T station. Renters tend to favor the water-facing east side, but living there requires taking the bus to Broadway (or a really long walk) if you need to get to the Red Line. That’s why the west side has become more and more popular in recent years.

West Broadway, which is dotted with cafes, restaurants, bars, banks, and shops, is just a five-minute walk away. Another appeal of the west side is its proximity to Boston’s South End. Tremont Street is just a mile away and runners love to go to Copley Square and back (about a four-mile run, round trip).

The Next Step

This is a Patriot exclusive, so call us today (617 436-6000) to schedule a showing. It’s occupied until the end of the month, so 24-hour notice is required.

For more great deals, you can always visit patriotregroup.com. Or, if you fancy yourself a hipster, you can Tweet us. Or Facebook us.

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Back on the Market!

Beautiful, Spacious One-Bed in Weymouth

The last time we mentioned this suburban in-law, it went fast. Now, it’s back on the market and ready to rent (previous tenant only signed up for a month’s stay).

It’s a Patriot exclusive, so call us today to schedule a showing: (617) 436-6000.

Check out all our listings at patriotregroup.com! Or Facebook us while your boss isn’t looking!

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Brighton Two-Bed, Steps from the Green Line: $1,700/month with Heat Included and Free Parking for Half the Year

Patriot’s New Year’s resolution is to keep bringing the Deals. (We’re not very creative when it comes to resolutions.)

But we do vow to mix it up a bit. Like this week, when we’re bringing you our first-ever Brighton Deal. An immensely popular area for renters due to the many nearby college campuses, Brighton’s also a hotspot for young professionals. It’s convenient to the city but more affordable than downtown.

And when you can find a place here that doesn’t have a post-frat-house type of vibe, you know you’ve found a winner.

The Apartment

A common complaint from renters is that most Brighton apartments are nothing more than off-campus party houses for local college students. This one, though, isn’t in a run-down house run by a neglectful landlord. It’s in a professionally managed apartment building that’s ideal for the Boston commuter.

The apartment’s interior, while not glamorous, is well-kept and plenty spacious enough for two roommates to live comfortably. It’s lined with easy-to-clean floors throughout: parquet hardwood in the living areas and tiles in the kitchen and bathroom. The bedrooms (12′ x 12′ and 12′ x 15′) each have tall, wide closets and the rectangular living room occupies nearly 300 square-feet. Expansive windows in the living room draw lots of sunlight and lead to a private balcony with fourth-floor views.

The Price

$1,700/month with heat and hot water included. Plus, for the first six months of your lease, you’ll get a free, assigned spot in the parking lot. Those normally go for $150/month and you’d be under no obligation to continue to rent the space once the six months are up.

The Up-Front Costs

Just first and last month’s rent. No security deposit, no broker fee.

The Building

A Green Line stop is right next to the property, so calculating the distance would be the same as figuring out long it would take to walk to the other end of the parking lot. Yes, we know the Green Line can be frustrating. But you’d only be two miles from Kenmore Square, so you can get downtown in less than half-an-hour.

There’s an on-site maintenance staff (fewph, no nightmare landlord) and an in-house laundry facility (fewph, no laundromat). And if you’re looking to impress your guests, we suggest you bring them up to the roof deck to check out the amazing views of Boston and Cambridge.

The Next Step

This apartment is the only vacant unit in the building, so be sure to call us right away (617 436-6000) if you think it’s for you. As always, you can find more great deals by visiting patriotregroup.com.

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