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Luxury One-Bed in Newly Renovated Firehouse Building

We’ve mentioned this spot before and there’s a good reason why we’re mentioning it again: Quite simply, there’s a new vacancy.

Those are rare at the Woodworth Apartments, an eye-catching Dorchester property that has just 12 units.  Within the last few years, each one has been renovated with a personal touch and with the intention of selling them as luxury condos.  Of course, the last few years have been less-than-ideal to try to sell real estate, so the owner wisely converted them into apartments.  Once that happened, the rental market gained a dozen new listings that are, well, not like the others (to quote “Sesame Street”).

And now, one of them has just become available.  It’s a one-bedroom with beautiful finishes: solid hardwood floors in the entry and living room; granite counters, stainless-steel appliances, and brand-new cabinets in the kitchen; a spacious, carpeted bedroom with a thick-blade ceiling fan.  It has central air and well-insulated, triple-paned windows.  And it comes with a free, off-street parking spot in the lot next to the building (while on-street parking is free and easy).

The Price

$1,250/month (down from $1,300 due to the recent market shift)

The Move-in Costs

$50 application fee (per applicant) and just first and last month’s rent

The Location

Port Norfolk – a small peninsula in Dorchester – sits on Dorchester Bay, off-set from Neponset Circle.  It takes “about 1 minute,” according to Google Maps, to get on the expressway and is a block down from an MBTA bus stop.  A Planet Fitness is around the corner and the acclaimed Venezia Restaurant is just a short walk away.

The Building

What originally served as one of America’s first shopping malls in the 19th century became the home of a Dorchester fire insurance company until about four years ago, when it was purchased by a local property owner.  He gutted the interior and entirely refurbished the exterior, while maintaining as much of the building’s unique character as possible.  Each unit was given a high-end makeover and the Woodworth Apartments hit the market in 2008.

The Next Step

The only way to see this exclusive listing is by contacting the Patriot Real Estate Group.  Call us at (617) 436-6000 or visit our website for more information.


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1,700-square-foot Luxury Loft in Historic Building

Sometimes, supreme luxury can be found in the most unexpected place.  This sprawling, loft-style apartment is a perfect example.  The amount of space is amazing: 1,700 square feet, two bedrooms, two-and-a-half bathrooms, and a rectangular-shaped den that is charmingly referred to as a “library.”  The finishes are high-end and the design is unmistakably distinct.  Heck, the building itself is an attraction; If it hadn’t been renovated into an apartment complex, visitors would stop in for a tour of this historic factory, which housed America’s first chocolate manufacturer.

But the true beauty of finding luxury in an unexpected place is the price.

This apartment is available now for $2,175.  Not cheap, certainly.  But considering the product, it’s quite a value.  Like most luxury communities, the management here has slashed its prices (this is normally a $2,400+ unit).  And because the area, Dorchester’s Lower Mills, is still relatively unknown, a savvy customer can take advantage of its low prices before everyone else follows suit.

There’s free parking in an off-street lot behind the building (though parking in Lower Mills is not an issue).  There’s a fitness center and indoor pool available free-of-charge to all residents.  If the fitness center isn’t enough, it’s right next to a brand-new health spa.  You can walk to anything you need – Shaw’s, CVS, Dunkin’ Donuts, restaurants, cafes, bars, etc.  And oh yeah, it’s directly across the street from the Milton stop on the Red Line.

Upscale luxury with unique charm, in a convenient location, for a discounted price…what’s a better deal than that?

Call Patriot today to schedule a showing: (617) 436-6000.  Or visit our website for more information.

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Check in every Monday for Patriot’s Deal of the Week

Luxury two-bed in Quincy for $1,420

This luxury community in Quincy has substantially lowered its starting price on two-bedroom apartments.  They normally go for about $1,600.  During a slow time of the year, the price will bottom out at around $1,500.  Right now, though, they have a two-bed, two-bath apartment for $1,420, plus a month free up-front.  In-unit laundry, central air, walk-in closets – it’s all there.  And you’d have full access to the community’s high-end amenities: fitness center, pool, tennis court, billiards room, business center, and a free shuttle to the Quincy Center T.

Why the low price? It’s been vacant for too long.  Corporate management companies – like the one that owns this property – hate vacancy.  If an apartment hasn’t been rented, they’re not afraid to drop the price until it’s too good to pass up.

Why is it still vacant? During the winter, there aren’t too many people looking for an apartment.  Also, this one is on the first floor and is a little smaller (1078 square feet) than some of their other layouts.  So the few interested renters that have come through have opted for more space and a different location on the property.  But the luxury, convenience, and style is the same.  And the reduced price and free first month make this apartment quite a steal.

Act fast, though.  This is the only apartment here at that price and it could be rented at any time.

Bonus Deal of the Week

There is actually an even lower-priced option at this community.  They have a two-bed, two-bath unit that has been modified to allow for wheelchair access for $1,325.  The price is lower because of the modifications: the kitchen appliances are slightly different and are mounted at a lower height, while the bathrooms have walk-in showers and a few other minor changes.  Anyone can rent it, though, and we can’t remember a price on a two-bed here ever being that low.

Contact Patriot today to schedule a showing:

Call us: (617) 436-6000

Email us: info@patriotregroup.com

Visit our website

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Get into a luxury apartment for little-to-no up-front money

During a slow time of the year, luxury communities need some way to entice renters.  Often times, reliable tenants are out there and interested, but are discouraged by the idea of coming up with two full months of rent up-front.  So, some communities have decided to drastically reduce the move-in costs for qualified applicants.

The best example is at this brand-new luxury community in South Boston. Here, if your credit is good enough, you won’t pay a security deposit.  Or last month’s rent.  They’re even offering the first month free.  That means a qualified renter doesn’t owe a thing – except an application fee and a holding deposit – until their second month in the building.

And they’re not the only ones.  This high-end residence in Quincy requires no security deposit.  One management company, which owns more affordable communities like this one in Quincy, reduced its security deposit to $99 and waived its amenities fee.  This one, near Quincy Center, is offering two months free up-front on select apartments.

Right now, if you can afford the rent and your credit history is in good order, a luxury community will reward you by making your move-in as inexpensive as possible.

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